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Most of the writing here is fanfiction, so you should have at least a basic knowledge of the canon source before reading any of them.

My Writing


Hope Killer
Drops of Crimson
You Don't Know Me
Boredom In A Jar
Creature Of The Night
I Want
All Alone
How To Love Me
Love Can Mend My Heart
My One True Love
All I Ever Do
I'm Just A Bitch
My Everything

Original Fiction

The Pendragon
The Pendragon must die to protect the world and return The Evil to it's slumber. But Kendra Martin never asked to be The Pendragon, heck, she never even asked to fall in love with the leader of an ancient group that failed to protect her sister. When the time comes for Kendra to make her choice, will she die to protect mankind, or will she live for a few moments of happiness?
PG - Action/Adventure/Drama

Other's Writing

Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction

Circus Envy - Afterlyfe
Bakura songfic:: It's a bad thing to date a girl who everyone else in school is trying to flirt with. It's even worse to date a girl who your yami is falling in love with... Non-yaoi, OC Romance, please R&R
PG - Romance/Drama

Bright Nights and Starry Days - Boy Crazy Magician Chick
When Kassidy, the new girl in town, runs into Marik her life changes forever. But as she spends more time with him she slowly develps feelings. When a dark secret is revieled, does she care about him enough to not love him? Marikoc Please R&R!
PG-13 - Romance/Action/Adventure

Tomb Robber - SSCeles
Malik discovers something very interesting and sends Bakura after this girl Tetra. Yugi and Co. go to Egypt, and then Bakura kidnaps Tetra, they gets lost in a pyramid tomb, run into traps, find Malik, and then they all get sent back in time... What next?
PG - Action/Adventure/Suspense

The Love of Shadows - SakuraNightStar
Yami recieves a mysterious female duel card, and when she's played she remains in her physical form! Now all he can think about is getting her to go back, but what happens when it's time for her to return and Yami doesn't want her to go so much anymore?
PG - Romance/Action/Adventure

Katsuya One Half - Ozark the MoonHead
Seto/Jou. Jou fell in the Nyanneechuan on vacation with Shizuka, and now he's been cursed with a young girl's body. The worst part is, he might be falling for his greatest enemy--Seto Kaiba.
PG-13 - Romance/Fantasy




The Mad House
Graham Family
Goodbye Forever

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