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Name: Kiara
Nicknames: Kiki, Kiwi, Kibi, Kia, Kiaha, K, Tinkerbell, Strawberry Shortcake
Email: don't worry, I'm not contagious, but you can get me from your cell phone... and just about everything else.

Yahoo Messenger: tricksteritis but I never use it.
MSN: cancerouscell

Birthday: June 26th
Living in: Canada... I think...
Worth: $5 and a bag of chips
Family: I seem to have misplaced them...
Pets: Huey, my dog. And Bakura (I wish).

Languages: English, I like to think I can speak French, I can read enough Japanese to understand Japanese websites... but I'm not so good at the whole speaking part... and I know about 20 words of Italian/Spanish and German.

Likes: Manga, anime, reading, writing, music, thinking, exaggerating
Dislikes: War, politicians, self-righteous people, egotistical people, math

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, singing, reading

Online since: 1997... or 98... one or the other...

Most flattering online-thing to get? Erm... a fanlisting?

Random Tops -
Actor: Does Bakura count???
Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh (Not the 4Kids Entertainment one)
Book: Song of Lioness Quartet
Drink: Sprite
Food: Lasagna
Game: Zelda
Manga: Yu-Gi-Oh! (I just ordered volume 3 online!!)
Movie: The Prince of Egypt... yep, Disney movies rock.
Place: In front of my computer... or in the shower... I have a weird obsession with my shower... showers are like comfort food!
Program: Word, I use it always
Theater Play: The Crucible
Song: The Yu-Gi-Oh THEME song!! lol... erm... Sick of Myself by Matthew Sweet or Anesthesia by Bad Religion





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